Ecological Awarness

We are an organization committed to accomplishing changes that allow us to make the world we live in a better place. Our goal is to generate ecological awareness through activities we develop, not only in the world of tourism, but the virtual world as well by means of a web community. Our endeavors begin in real economy (our hotels) and transcend into the web, an ideal environment to promote and instill a change in our awareness with respect to the world we live in.


The purpose of our company is to be a tool that helps each person experiment and mantain harmony with themselves, with others, and with their surroundings. We believe that through this individual harmony, one can gain a true reflexion on a collective level, such as the understanding of needs and changes in perception and responsibility that each one of us faces in this new stage of our world.



We wish to transmit a vision and a philosophy of life in all our Resorts. They are united by the same principle, which is to provide spiritual and physical harmony, bringing it to a universal level.



To enchant and charm is what makes us unique. We promote and instill a change through our web communities, with the goal of becoming global leaders in enchantment.


Maya Spa – Piedras Calientes.

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